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Method for repairing automobile tyre changer

Method for repairing automobile tyre changer(tire changer)

1.Claw stuck immovable steel ring maintenance method.

Check whether the air supply pressure meets the requirements of the instructions. If it meets the requirements, check for leaks or blow-bys. If there are no leaks and blow-bys and blow-bys, the concentricity of the jaws is not high.

2.The big cylinder cannot press the tire.
Maintenance ideas: If the tire is weak (including the large cylinder can move when it is idle, and the pressure is not loose when the tire is pressed), it is generally low air pressure, air leakage, and large cylinder blow-by. If the large cylinder cannot be moved, it is usually compressed Air is not applied to the tire end of the large cylinder. (tyre changer)

A. Check the air supply

If the pressure meets the requirements of the instruction, if it meets the requirements, check whether the large cylinder is leaking, check and control the air pipes at both ends of the large cylinder, and connect the air source. One of the two air pipes on the five-way valve should have air coming out. When the tire is pressed, the other air pipe should have air coming out. If it is abnormal, you should change the five-way valve or adjust the installation position of the five-way valve to make it work normally. 

B. Check that the five-way valve is normal

If it is, it is normal to connect the trachea at the reset end, and there is no air coming out of the nozzle at the working end of the tire. If there is air coming out, it means that the big cylinder piston is cracked or the seal ring is worn.

C. Check the air pressure: Use a barometer to check whether the air pressure at the inlet of the oil mister meets the requirements of the instruction. Adjust the oil regulator's pressure regulator knob. If the pressure regulator knob does not work, replace the oil regulator.

Remove the tire head and scrape the rim to eat the tire: The main reasons are:
(1) Hexagonal pin lock is not tight.
(2) The screws of the disassembly head are loose or the direction is incorrect.
(3) The gap between the hexagonal column and the hexagonal sleeve is large.

Maintenance method:

(1) Hexagonal column lock is not tightly adjusted: see picture. First loosen 2 and use the hexagonal key to turn the screw 1 inward, then tighten 2 and adjust it repeatedly until the 3 is pushed in place to lock the hexagonal column.
(2) Loose adjustment of disassembly head screws: See the instruction manual. Pre-tighten (do not overtighten) the screws first, and then tighten the screws. When tightening the screws, you should install a medium-sized tire, let the tire-removing wheel rest on the steel ring, and turn the direction of the tire-removing head so that It matches the radian of the steel ring, then tightens it, and finally tightens it.
(3) If you swing the hexagonal column with your hand and the swing is relatively large, replace the rocker arm.

The claw cannot be opened or closed:

Check that there is no air leakage. Check whether the five-way valve core has jumped out of the pedal fork. If the above is normal, check that the rotary pilot valve is not blown out. Remove the rotary pilot valve connected to the air tube of the small cylinder. When it is not stepped on or completely pressed down, only one of the air pipes connected to the small gas cylinder of the rotary gas valve is vented. In any case, the phenomenon that the two gas pipes do not produce gas at the same time is that the rotary gas valve blows air. No problem, check the part of the grill, whether the claw seat is deformed, stuck, whether the square turntable is stuck, whether the square turntable is stuck, and whether the square turntable pin is falling off.

Inability to disassemble tires

Inspection method: observe the working condition of the motor when removing the tire. If the tire cannot be rotated when removing the tire, it means that the motor torque is too small or the capacitor is faulty. If the motor can rotate, but the pulley is slipping,
It is because the belt is too loose, just tighten the belt.




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