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Now the rule here is to give way to the vehicle that crosses the yield line before you do. Much like at a four-way stop. If you arrive at your yield line before another vehicle does, it’s your right of way.

Except, had I done that, I would have been dead, being on a motorbike as I was.


Because the drivers entering from my right either haven’t seen the mini-circle sign, ignored it, or simply didn’t know what it meant. They didn’t even slow down, let alone yielded.


Of course, at large traffic circles (designated by a sign with a large blue circle) traffic coming from your right has right of way.

This system works very well in other countries (and Welkom) where the roundabouts are large enough not to be confused with mini-circles.

The problem with the circle on my route is, as said, that it’s large enough to be classified as a roundabout, and hence the confusion.

Perhaps the Roads Agency should have another look at what sign is stuck up where, and only classify these absurd suburban pancake-type circles as mini-circles, and those with definite islands (with vegetation) as roundabouts.

It could avoid a side-on collision, leaving the person who had right of way dead. Dead right.




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