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Although some people may claim they have never been stuck before, the fact is, if you’re a keen off-road adventurer, at some point you’re going to push the limits and find yourself bogged down.

Come to think of it, many diehard off-roaders will tell you that their best 4×4 memories involve a long and arduous recovery. But for most people, the idea of getting stuck is taboo and something to be embarrassed about, which is why so many of us tend to rush the recovery process and inevitably make the situation worse.

This explains why so many recovery devices have a reputation for being overly dangerous. But the truth is, most things are dangerous when used incorrectly or in a rush. This is why it’s vitally important that the correct procedures are followed when one deals with a recovery device.

The high-lift jack has a particularly bad reputation in the fear-factor department, and as a result there’s a trend that favours air jacks as a safer alternative.

But air jacks have other benefits too. They are fast acting (when used with




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